What is ONEPIECE.Finance

Decentralized Finance(DeFi) has been in an exponential growth and FOMO sentiment from the begining of 2020, which attracted thousands of speculators,investors and developers to this space and stimulated traditional players simultaneously. Everyone is eager for hunting gems in this world.

However, don't waste your limted time in chasing fortune and gems in the vast sea of DeFi world.Take your time and continue to read through whole introduction.The secret treasure is at your side.

In ONEPIECE, long NFT & DeFi and short CeFi

ONEPIECE.Finance, drawn by world's most famous animation ONEPIECE as inspiration, is the first blockchain financial experiment combined animation intellectual property & DeFi with NFT.

Strategically backed by Japan's largest ONEPIECE club, Toei Animation Co., LTD.(well-known animation production company), Shueisha Inc(ONEPIECE's comic publisher) and Mitsubishi UFJ Capital Co., Ltd, We aim at building the first decentralized exchange and NFT trading platform based on animation in blockchain industry.

Furthermore,ONEPIECE is committed to promoting the vigorous development of global animation industry in the blockchain & financial field to achieve the cross-industry, cross-border, and cross-cultural spread.

In the future, we will focus on linking more global animation artists, collectors, and creators to crypto fields. Blockchain technology refers to the power to change the pattern and development of global animation industry.

ONEPIECE.Finance will become the brideg between global traditonal animation enthusiasts and blockchain.