Ambassador Program

From childhood to adulthood, Luffy and his gangs of Straw Hat Pirates set sails for their own dreams to Grand Line. From the East Blue to the New World, anything related to the world of ONEPIECE has touched us for over than 10 years. ONEPIECE has taught us life lessons which encourage us to overcome difficutlies or barriers in some bad situations.

  • Pursue Your Biggest Dream with Determination.

  • Look for the right team mates who have big dreams like you

  • Take Good Care of Your Crew

  • Help Other People Along the Way without Expecting Anything in Return

  • Painful Losses and Failures Makes You Stronger

  • Find Mentors

  • Do Not Be Afraid to Take on the Big Guys.

  • Have Fun

Yes, we are looking for Ambassdors alike who have been crazy about in order to promote the development of ONEPIECE global community, volunteers from all around the world are welcomed to join us.

ONEPIECE advocates for spirit of wealth, friendship,teamwork,freedom,dream, faith & evolution. Community is the soul in blockchain. Every Ambassador is the guide to community development for all member. Together, we can spread the spirit of ONEPIECE to every corner of the world.

Application Form

Ambassador Program


  • You should have a club over than 30m² with LOGO posted in conspicuous location.

  • Display at least three standees related to ONEPIECE.Finance

  • Supply enough anti-epidemic product: medical masks, thermometers.

  • Related decoration to display in work site (decoration materials to download HERE)

  • 1 ONEPIECE.Finance flag & 1 national flag

  • Take a short video to express your best wishes to ONEPIECE.Finance in your decorated work site

  • Take 5 pictures of your club and upload your picture

  • Send the club pictures and video to [email protected]

Once you have club docorated fully, upload your club pictures via Apllication Form with your TRC20-USDT address. you will be elected as ONEPIECE Ambassador and get 300USDT as reward.

Ambassador Rights

  • ONEPIECE.Finance Ambassador Medal

  • Chance of representing ONEPIECE.Finance to attend events

  • Financial support

Club Decoration Material

Please refer to link for downloading decoration marterial

Club Decoration Material

Should you have other ideas/suggestions, please send an email to [email protected]