Devil Fruit Token(DF) is the governance and equity token of ONEPIECE.Finance ecosystem. Users holding DF can participate in community proposals and decisions, DF contracts adopts a completely fair distribution system without private placements or pre-minings.

Token Specification

Total Supply (100%): 10,000,000 DF

  • Devil Fruit Hunting Mining (10%): 1,000,000 DF

  • Staking (10%): 1,000,000 DF

  • Justwap Liquidity (10%): 1,000,000 DF

  • NFT & ONEPIECE DEX Ecosystem (70%): 7,000,000 DF

Destruction of Devil Fruit Token(DF)

  • Devil Fruit Hunting

When users participate in Devil Fruit Hunting, 2% of margin(USDT) would be deducted as commission and 2% of withdrawl fee would be budget for burning DF token directly.

  • NFT & OP DEX

When NFT trading platform and OP DEX are ready, all users who make transactions will be deducted 2% of trading amount as commssion. all commission will be used for burning DF directly.